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Reducing Coverage or Cancelling Your Insurance Policies May Cost Your More Than Money

June 8, 2020

As we all continue to navigate through the daily hardships caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic, all businesses are finding creative ways to cut costs and keep revenues streaming.

One extremely uncreative, and potentially destructive, way may be to consider reducing insurance coverage or cancelling policies outright. This is a very dangerous consideration and can cause more harm than good.

Fortunately, this is where your insurance agent can help. Please continue reading below for a few reasons why you should maintain your policies at all costs. By the way…Valvano can help you find ways to minimize your cost of insurance during these trying times.

If you are only temporarily closed or working reduced hours/days, you still have exposure to liability claims and property damage. If you cancel your policies, you will bear the burden of these costs out of your own pocket.

If you are conducting operations on a reduced or limited basis and using employees, you are still required to maintain workers compensation coverage. In addition, depending on your business entity (corporations for example) you may be required by some state regulations to carry workers compensation regardless of whether you have employees or not.

Insurance companies are working with their policyholders to adjust the revenue and payroll values that are used to calculate premiums and, in some cases, modifying coverages to assist businesses that are experiencing hardships.

Many carriers are waiving fees on late payments and suspending cancellations for non-payment.

Speak to your insurance agent to discuss all options available to you before making a decision that you may regret. Cancelling your insurance policies to save a little money may cost you more in the end!

If you are looking for an agent that will fight for you and be a trusted advisor for your business, give Valvano a call today: 908.862.4047 or visit us on the web at http://www.valvano.com.

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Reasons to Keep Insurance Coverage